Something new to tide you over.

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Hey folks. Sorry for not having a show this week. I’ve been having computer problems and haven’t been able to record, plus I’m running low on stock material for the show. I’m going to have to go on hiatus for a little while so I can stockpile some more songs. But in the meantime, I will be updating weekly with at least one new song or demo. I’m thinking this might be an easier format to keep up with. Release one new song per week, and maybe every month I can do a full length show with several songs.

So anyway, here’s this week’s song to tide you over until the next full show. This is a cover of The Kinks’ song “Village Green,” and this one turned out a whole lot better than my last attempt at a Kinks cover. Enjoy, and I should have a new comic strip up later today.

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This week’s comic strip.

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Sorry folks, my internet connection has been a little unreliable this week. Here is Tuesday’s comic strip, a little late.

Podcast Episode 4 Now Available.

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Episode 4 is available for stream or download. I’ve tweaked the format slightly. Instead of doing lengthy commentary during the podcast, I’m going to keep the show centered around music and comedy and simply give a summary of the blog posts I plan to make in the next week.

So this episode features four new songs and two commercial parodies. One of the songs is a semi-live in-studio performance of one of my favorite songs by The Kinks, You Can’t Win. (I think it sounds awful, but hey, you be the judge 😉 Check in tomorrow for a new comic strip.

Podcast Episode 4: High-Quailty Stream or Download MP3

I’m submitting my podcast to PodcastAlley, and need to post some code for them to recognize the site, so that’s what this last part is.

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Differing Theories On 9/11 Planes

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Okay, I wanted to get into this subject, on which I’m receptive but careful to comment too much, and that is the so-called “No Planes” theory of 9/11. Now there five levels to this theory, and there people who subscribe to one, some or all aspects of it. I have put them in order from most to least credible based on my own opinions of the matter.

Now before I get into that, I want to make the point that it doesn’t matter how many or what kind of planes actually crashed on 9/11. This doesn’t change the fact that the government is clearly covering up their own involvement. That being said, I wanted to tell you where I stand on the different “Plane/No-Plane” theories.

Now, the first level on my list, and in my opinion the most believable and credible claim, which I am in total agreement with at this point, is the idea that no plane actually struck the pentagon. I think this is the one most backed up by the physical evidence. Upon viewing all the photos (or lack there-of) and going through the official version of events as given, I have to conclude that a plane did not make that dent in the building, and I would agree that it was most likely some sort of missile. I won’t get into the complete reasoning here. For a fuller description, see the films In Plane Site or Loose Change on GoogleVideo .

The second level, which I also believe, is a little (well, honestly a lot) harder for most people to swallow. This is the idea that no plane actually crashed in Shanksville, PA. This runs counter to the Hollywood version of events depicted in the film United Flight 93, which I think even non-9/11-truthers would agree is mostly a fairytale. The physical evidence on the ground speaks for itself. No wreckage, no bodies, no skid-marks. Nothing but a crater in the ground which looks like it was made by a bunker-buster bomb dropped from an aircraft. This crater also just so happens to fall right into the middle of a pre-existing ditch-like crevice (google the topographical maps from 1994 and see for yourself) which just so happens to give the appearance of wings to an otherwise un-noteworthy hole in the ground. There is also some news evidence from the day of 9/11 that flight 93 was diverted to Cleveland, Ohio, the passengers unloaded into the empty NASA research facility, and to put it simply, they didn’t come back out. At least not alive. As horrible as that picture of events looks, I lean towards believing it. The 2nd Edition of Loose Change has some great information about this, and it is also widely discussed on the internet, so just google it.

Point three is where it starts to get a little hazy. Although I tend to lean very strongly towards this position, I have yet to see enough physical evidence to convince me completely. This is the idea that the planes which were flown into the towers were not, in fact, commercial aircraft, but military drones which were switched for the real aircraft and flown into the towers by remote control. There is very strong circumstantial evidence in favor of this idea, not the least of which, the Operation Northwoods memo, in which the joint chiefs of staff suggested that then President Kennedy pull just such a stunt, blowing up a drone switched for a real plane over Cuban waters as a pretext to invade. There are also several strange photos showing protrusions on the planes which look like they belong on specific models of military craft which are similar in size and shape to the Boeings supposedly used. Again, In Plane Site is the best source for a more complete picture of this information.

Now we come to the fourth part, and this is where I feel things get a little off track. This is the theory that no planes actually hit the towers. This idea states that the news footage on the day was somehow faked to show aircraft where there were none. What actually hit (or exploded) is open to question. Theories range from missiles to giant bombs in the buildings to simple digital fakery. While I have to admit that some of the footage I have seen come out after the fact, particularly the CNN Michael Hezarkhani footage (the one showing the “9/11 Demon), looks odd to me, and may show evidence of some digital “airbrushing” of sorts, I still believe that something, which at the very least looked like a plane, actually hit the buildings. Whether this was a military drone or simply a hollow frame filled with explosives, I can’t say. But the idea that you could get the entire city of Manhattan, all of whom were looking skyward after the first plane hit, to “imagine” they saw a plane when they didn’t is a little far fetched.

Which brings us to the last point, the idea that some incredibly advanced form of projectable hologram was used. As cool as this sounds, I simply don‘t think the technology for something like this is possible at the present time. I won’t deny the fact that our government has some really cool high-tech stuff that they are not telling us about, projected microwave weapons being the classic example, as they were both denied for a long time and are now openly admitted. But to pull this sort of thing off for the cameras and the people watching just seems like much too big a risk. Why project holograms when you can simply get the CIA or whomever to fly real planes into the buildings? That would indeed be hard for 19 Arabs who were on terror watch-lists to pull off, but not at all for the government who controls NORAD and the fighter jets which were not scrambled.

So in closing, I think it is important to make the distinction in the different “No Plane” theories, because, although I applaud the absolutists no-planers and their quest for the truth, the mainstream media is using this idea of holograms and computer graphics to completely dismiss and drown out the far more provable facts surrounding the lack of planes at the Pentagon and Shanksville. That said, any person out there who is honestly searching for the truth can disagree with me all he wants. Only God and the Angels (and the Devils) know exactly what happened on that day. Keep on searchin’ and I’ll keep on reading your stuff whether I agree 100% with you or not. We need as many warm bodies getting the word out as we can get.

Wag The Dog and Lewinsky Revisited

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I recently watched the movie Wag the Dog again after not having seen it for awhile, and it got some thoughts brewing.

We all remember how close this film was to the Monica Lewinsky scandal and how eerily it seemed to mirror both those events and the events in Kosovo. What I’ve been considering for awhile, and a few others have commented on this, is what if the Monica Lewinsky scandal itself was a Psy-Op of sorts? A way to direct our attention away from the real high-crimes of the Clinton’s, campaign finance violations, land swindles, possible drug-running in Arkansas, not to mention the remarkable number of mysterious deaths which followed them like that dirt-cloud follows Pigpen in the Peanuts comics. What if the Clinton’s and their staff intentional created, then leaked this story, not only to cover Bill’s ass (so-to-speak!) but also to make it infinitely harder for a president like George Bush to be impeached on the numerous abuses of power and violations of his oath to uphold the constitution which he has thus far commited? What if Clinton did this deliberately in order to give Bush Jr. free reign to enact the sorts of constitution shredding laws of which Bill and Hill could only dream during their reign of terror?

Even now, with the list of high crimes growing larger every day, it is almost impossible to launch any serious effort in congress to impeach the president. It’s too soon, you see. Nobody wants to go through that again, you see. And it wouldn’t even work, just like with Clinton, you see.

And thanks to the Clinton impeachment, which while legitimate in my opinion, was a largely petty partisan matter, now any suggestion of impeaching any member of the president’s administration brings up unpleasant memories that most of the country would rather forget, and is also seen as a purely partisan effort by the president‘s political rivals. As it has subsequently been characterized as and attacked by the likes of Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.

Which brings me back to Wag the Dog. Is it not possible that the film itself was part of this same Psy-Op, the effect of which being that now any mention of possible conspiracies involving foreign wars, raises in people’s minds not examples from real life, of which there are many, but images from a fictional movie with a deliberately distorted view of how these Black-Ops are really run? (Come on, the CIA are the good guys in this flick? And Deniro is just some freelance “fixer,” not a government agent? “Scuse me, Jimmy, while I laugh my ass off. Bwow-noo-now, da-bwonoom-ding!)

The timing of this movie to coincide with the assault on Kosovo is just a little too convenient for my taste.

“Hey man, don’t you think this Kosovo thing is a little convenient for Clinton’s political well-being?”

“Oh, don’t be crazy, man, that’s just that movie!”

You see how nicely that works out? Just a thought.

Assassination Of Russia.

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Excellent Documentary on the spate of terror bombings which solidified Vladimir Putin’s power and gave him the excuse he needed to resume war against Chechnya. If one has any doubts that the US government would destroy their own buildings in phony terrorist acts, they need look no further than Russia, where such operations are commonplace and little real effort is made to hide the truth, since the Kremlin has such a tight control on the press and access to outside information is limited.

Here’s the link for the fullscreen version.

Lee Harvey Was A Friend Of Mine.

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Kudos to They Might Be Giants for turning me on to this one. Laura Cantrell and Robin Goldwasser do an excellent version in TMBG’s latest podcast. Here’s Homer Henderson singing “Lee Harvey Was A Friend Of Mine”